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Our family winery is in the west of Tapolca Basin and part of the Balaton Highlands W​ine Region. From one side, the Remnant hills in the line - Csobánc, Nemesgulács, Badacsony, St. George's Hill, Szigliget – and the other side the lake Balaton closes the exceptionally beautiful basin. With such beautiful view does not meet people every day, the spectacle is unique in Europe. 


Eötvös Károly, who was a great poet from this country said: "The Lesence Valley and the western side of the Szigligeti Bay is indescribable. Hundreds of hundreds of poets can not song the beauty of the landscape. Unless a painter and a sculptor, will not help. And that is  not even enough. Here should be a soul, which can feel and adore, which every bit is Hungarian. " 


Wine production is going on in this country for centuries. The three Lesence’s - Lesencefalu, Lesenceistvánd and Lesencetomaj – growers are produce pleasantly acidic, fiery, distinctive wines for themselves and for their customers. 

The area of Lesence exceeding 400 hectares of viticulture able land which characterized by the eastern side of the Keszthely Hills’ dolomite rocks. The region's highest point is the Kõ-orra  (403 meters). 

The climate of the region based on the cold air flowing from Bakony mountains, the lake Balaton’s temperature and it’s sunlight-reflecting effect is also determined. For viticulture it has a major affect, that the water balance of the region is excellent. 



About Us 

Our parents, grandparents and our ancestors dealt with viticulture and vinification for centuries. Maternal grandfather, Pupos József, produced his excellent Italian Reisling in the side of the hill Kõ-orra, which was also called málok. His wines were saled of his son-in-law’s, Pupos Kálmán's restaurant in Lesencetomaj. My wife's parents and grandparents dealt with viticulture and wine sales as well. Our family viticultures in these areas (1.6 hectares). 

We deal with viticulture, wine making and trade from 1982. In the 90’s after growing our experiences, we started quality winemaking. We replanted the inherited plantations. Currently planted varieties: Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and some Riesling-Szilváni, and Irsai-Olivér. We bottle wine since 1996. In 1998 we started ECO-cultivated viticulture. 

The year 2001 brought the first real success. We were awarded by gold medal at the National Organic wine festival in Budapest for the Chardonnay from the year 2000. We entered our wines in the bottled wines county competition where were hundreds of wines tasted by the judges. In 2004 the gray friar was awarded by gold grade,  and in 2006 the Chardonnay also received a gold grade. In 2010 the Chardonnay and the Kõóra Cuveé reached gold gradein the wine competition in Zalaegerszeg.

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